4 Space (4U) Wood Studio Rack – Custom, Built to Order

From $160.00

  • Custom, handmade, 19″ inch rackmount equipment case
  • For recording studios, audio/video production, home server racks, networking equipment and homelabs
  • 4U steel rack rails, #10-32 screw holes
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Available in depths from 10″ to 30″
  • Add locking casters (no additional cost for rubber feet)
  • Finished with satin lacquer and your choice of stain color
  • Built with plantation-grown Monterey Pine
Build Lead-Time: 6 months (estimated)
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Case measurements:

  • Width: 22.7 inches
  • Height: 10.4 inches (Add 0.5 inches for rubber feet or 2.5 inches for casters)
  • Depth: Selected depth plus 0.5 inches

Shipped fully assembled

Sometimes called desktop racks, smaller rack cases are great when you need frequently used rackmount equipment within arm’s reach. Often these are used as computer monitor stands for home recording studios. When you need a studio desk on a budget, desktop racks can turn any surface into a studio production desk

Use these to create a modular equipment collections. If you have a rackmount amp and preamp that are used in multiple locations, containing them in a single rack case allows them be easily relocated. Reconfigure your setup by placing rackmount effects in different cases.

2U and 4U rack enclosures can organize your small LAN network rackmount equipment safer than just stacking them. Home server racks, homelabs and network racks can blend with your existing furniture with these beautiful wooden rack cases.