18 Space (18U) Wood Studio Rack – Custom, Built to Order

From $330.00

  • Custom, handmade, 19″ inch rackmount equipment case
  • For recording studios, audio/video production, home server racks, networking equipment and homelabs
  • 18U steel rack rails, #10-32 screw holes
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Available in depths from 10″ to 30″
  • Add locking casters (no additional cost for rubber feet)
  • Finished with satin lacquer and your choice of stain color
  • Built with plantation-grown Monterey Pine
Build Lead-Time: 8 - 12 Weeks (estimated)
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Case measurements:

  • Width: 22.7 inches
  • Height: 34.9 inches (Add 0.5 inches for rubber feet or 2.5 inches for casters)
  • Depth: Selected depth plus 0.5 inches

Shipped unassembled to reduce shipping costs. Only a Philips screwdriver (cross type) is needed for assembly.

Larger rack cases can enclose an entire studio’s worth of rackmount equipment in to a single mobile unit. Package all of your recording equipment into a single studio rack and then roll it next to the instrument you want to record.

When used in pairs, our floor studio racks are strong enough to support desktops to turn any flat board into a studio production desk with sidecars.

Home server racks and homelabs can now look at home among your other furniture. When your roommate or partner prefers to not have their decor style destroyed with an ugly rack enclosure, compromise with a beautiful wood rack case.