1U Rack Mounting PDU with Surge Protection & EMI Filter PDU01-14



1U Rack Mounting PDU with Surge Protection & EMI Filter.

Designed to provide a versatile hook-up for the distribution of AC & DC power within multimedia racking applications. 
All components used in this unit conform to current RoHS, CE & UL certification. 

Technical Specifications:

– Case Size: 45mm x 140mm x 430mm / 1.77″ x 5.51″ x 16.93″ 
– DC PSU: Switchable Isolated DC supply 
– Earth Link: M4 Screw Terminal for rack grounding. 
– Frequency: 50/60Hz 
– Input: Neutrik Power Con with Internal 20A line Fuse, 20A EMI filter & GDC/MOV Lightning Strike/Power Surge Protection 
– Max. A/C Output: Current 20A 
– Nominal voltage: 230V 
– Output AC: 8 x IEC320 C13 
– Output DC: 12 Way pluggable screw terminal socket. 3 x 5V dc max load 2100mA. 3 x 12V dc max load 1200mA. 
– Protection: 2 x 10 Amp Circuit Breakers 
– Usable Voltages: 200V – 240V 

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